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Transform Your Business by Using Workforce Management Tools

Are you still hung up in the dinosaur era of operations and management? Now is the time to change this. Forget all the old tools and multiple applications that you use to manage your workforce. Forget all the old systems that could stress you out and get on board to the digitized work mode. Have all that you need in one place, that too, on a cloud-based portal. How cool does this sound? Amazing, right? Well, now you can transform your business and speed up the stairs to success with just one technological cloud-based portal – Vendor Management System.

A Recruitment Workforce Management System is loaded with multiple workforce management tools that can be customized according to your business. Not only this, but it also comes with several other features that we will discuss below. So, get ready to transform your business by using the following eight Workforce Management Tools.

  • Built-in Video Conferencing

After the outbreak of the Corona Virus, everyone and nearly everything has digitized. Look at the school, the offices, the work, etc. People have become scared to step out of their houses and are against the thought of going to their workplaces. That’s where our built-in video conferencing tool comes to use. During the recruiting process, if you have an out-of-state talent, don’t worry. Use our built-in video conferencing tool and take as many interview rounds without any interruption. Only those people who have the video link can enter the video conference room.

  • Calendar & Scheduler

It is always better to keep personal things personal and professional things in the professional account. You do not need to download any other application to note down the important dates or meetings in the coming weeks or months. You can jot down the important dates in the calendar of the Vendor Management System and schedule essential appointments at the same time. This tool gives you notifications and reminders of your important meetings. So, now, you won’t miss or mess up any meeting.

  • Timesheet & KPIs

How can you know if an employee worked for eight hours or worked overtime in their shift? It is simple. You invest in a Recruitment Automation Software and ask employees to punch their timings. The timesheet would be approved or rejected by the reporting manager. Now manage the employee’s performance and timesheet from a centralized portal for evaluation.

  • Document & Credential Management

If you are handling a multinational company, you are bound to have many employees working for the firm. With several employees come multiple documents. This sensitive and confidential information must be stored securely. With a VMS Portal, you can upload all the documents in one place, which can be accessible to permitted stakeholders. The Document and Credential Management tool also notifies you about the expiry of critical documents.

  • Payroll & Invoicing

Multiple employees are equal to numerous invoices. Each employee has been hired on a different salary, and several employees are hired on an hourly or weekly basis. In such situations, managing the payroll and invoices manually can cause misclassification and human errors. To avoid such mistakes, invest in a VMS Portal. This will help you to generate the payments and invoices of your contracts automatically.

  • Talent Pool

Once you have found the best talents, you need to secure their information in a specific place. This helps in the easy hiring of top talents as and when required. Using a VMS Platform means that your recruiting methods get a significant upgrade. All your top talents and the related information can be in one platform, commonly known as a talent pool or a candidate pool. Such candidates are interested in working with you and are mostly available when you require their skillset.

  • Learning Management System

Since everything is online, and so are your employees, training sessions must be given to the candidates to get the most accuracy in performance. How can that be done? That can be done via a Learning Management System tool that is available on the VMS platform. With the help of the LMS tool, you can create, deploy, and deliver SCORM-compliant candidate assessment contents. Other than this, you can generate and manage the certificates or performance reports.

  • Application Tracking System

When you require a specific skillset or top talents worldwide, you can create and post job requisitions via this tool. This recruitment application tracking system tool helps you to find the best match with the help of our predictive technology. Additionally, you can engage with the candidate via automated emails or texts. Moving on, you can schedule their interviews post-engagement and can further decide whether you need to take up more rounds or if you would like to hire or accept the candidate.

After reading all the points mentioned above, don’t you feel like changing the traditional staff management methods? Well, what’s stopping you? Investing in the right Vendor Management System opens your door to several workforce management tools. These tools help you in transforming your business, leading to great success and growth rate.

Are you tempted to know more? Wonderful! We’d be happy to assist you in your queries related to the Workforce Management Tools. The best part is that everything present on our VMS portal is customizable as per your business needs.

To know more, drop us a text saying, “Hi, Flentis!” at our email address, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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